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SNIPER II SMD 7000 APE Manufacturing Test Equipment


The SNIPER II SMD 7000 is manufacturing test equipment from APE. Every newly manufactured electronic product requires a manufacturing test to ensure its proper performance and quality. Engineers use manufacturing tests in the last phase of the production process to ensure a product operates according to accepted standards.

Additional Features:

  • Sniper Split Vision System
  • Power: 110–220V 1800 Watts
  • Current: 25 Amps @ 110V,  15 Amps @ 220V
  • Dimension: 21.75" x 29.12" (552 x 740 mm)
  • Board Holder Standard: 12" x 16" (305 x 406 mm)
  • Temperature: Select Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Reflow Air Velocity: Internal Motor <12.7 CFM
  • Component Pick Up: Venturi Generator Reflow & Imaging
  • Factory Air: 60-80 psi for Placement System
  • Controller Both Heaters: Fuzzy Logic PID Profile Storage
  • Board Alignment: Micrometer Controls
  • Reflow Operation: Pulsed or Continuous
  • Maximum Board Size: 16" x 18"(406 x 457 mm)
  • Air Flow: Up to 1 SCFM
  • Communication: RS232 Sniper II Only
  • Operational Software: Specview GDW Sniper II Only

The Sniper II is a BGA and Micro BGA Rework system. One side of the Sniper removes the device, the other side selects a replacement component; a monitor reflects the image of the bottom of the chip and the footprint on the board. These are then adjusted to exactly overlay each other and the component placed automatically. The part is then reflowed.

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