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SR1010-100 ESI Decade Resistor

The SR1010-100 is a decade resistor from ESI . A decade resistor is a type of electronic test equipment with a series of resistors, inductors, or capacitors to simulate specific electrical values. An engineer can replace any standard-value component in a circuit with a used or refurbished decade resistor because of its ability to configure to almost any value.

Additional Features:

  • Initial Accuracy: ± 20PPM of nominal value matched within 10PPM
  • Transfer Accuracy: ± (1PPM + 0.1uΩ at parallel value) for 100:1
  • Transfer Accuracy: ± (1PPM + 1uΩ at series parallel value) for 10:1
  • Long Term Accuracy: ± 50PPM of nominal value
  • Calibration Accuracy: ± 10PPM

The ESI SR1010 Resistance Transfer Standard contains 12 equal value precision resistors connected in series by specially designed true 4-terminal junctions. The SR1010 can be configured to provide three-decade values: 10R; 9 resistors in series - parallel, 1R; and 10 resistors in parallel, R/10.

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