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SR830 Stanford Research Lock In Amplifier

The SR830 is a 102 kHz Lock In Amplifier from Stanford Research. Amplify RF and Microwave signals to measure, test, and design circuits. Applications include radio communications, cellphones, EMI testing, and much more.

Additional Features:

  • 1 mHz to 102.4 kHz frequency range
  • >100 dB dynamic reserve
  • 5 ppm/°C stability
  • 0.01 degree phase resolution
  • Time constants from 10 µs to 30 ks
    (up to 24 dB/oct rolloff)
  • Auto-gain, -phase, -reserve and -offset
  • Synthesized reference source
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

The Stanford Research Systems SR830 Lock-In Amplifier provides high performance at a reasonable cost. The SR830 simultaneously displays the magnitude and phase of a signal.  The SR830 uses digital signal processing (DSP) to replace the demodulators, output filters, and amplifiers found in conventional lock-ins.

The SR830 provides uncompromised performance with an operating range of 1 mHz to 102 kHz and 100 dB of drift-free dynamic reserve.

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