TBS1102C Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope

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  • 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • 2 Channels
  • 1 GS/s
  • 20 kPts on all channels
  • Advanced triggers include pulse, runt, and line triggers
  • Five-year warranty
  • 7-inch WVGA color display with 15 horizontal divisions that shows 50% more signal
  • 32 automated measurements
  • Dual window FFT with simultaneous time and frequency domain views
  • Trigger frequency counter
  • Pan and Zoom capability
  • Multi-language user interface with support for 10 languages in the user interface and front panel overlay
  • Small footprint and light weight
  • Fanless design contributes to low noise operation


  • USB 2.0 host port on the front panel for quick and easy data storage.
  • USB 2.0 device port on rear panel to connect to a PC and remotely control the instrument.


  • HelpAnywhere provides helpful on-screen tips for users
  • Built-in oscilloscope handbook provides operating instructions and oscilloscope fundamentals
  • Integrated courseware feature provides lab exercise guidance on the display
  • Compatible with TekSmartLab® lab management software for education
  • Autoset, Cursors, and Automated measurements can be disabled to help educators to teach basic concepts to students

The TBS1000C Series Oscilloscope is designed for quick hands-on learning and easy operation with just the right combination of features and capabilities. Dedicated front panel controls provide easy access to all the important settings. The graticule with 10 vertical divisions and 15 horizontal divisions enables you to see more signals per screen.

The large menus with clearly labeled and colored information on the screen make it easy to navigate and find information of interest. The zoom function lets you to quickly pan through the record and zoom in to see the signal  details in areas of interest.

More Information
Frequency100 MHz
Record Length20 kPts
Sampling Rate2 GS/s
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