TCP0150 Tektronix Current Probe


The TCP0150 is a 20 MHz, 150 A current probe from Tektronix.

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  • DC to 20 MHz Bandwidth
  • 150 A RMS Maximum Current Capability
  • 500 A Peak Pulse Current Capability
  • High Accuracy with Typically Less than 1% DC Gain Error
  • Accurately Measures Current levels as low as 5 mA
  • Easy to Use and Accurate AC/DC Current Measurements
  • Connects Directly to DPO4000, MSO4000 and DPO7000 Series Oscilloscopes Using the TekVPI Probe Interface
  • Low Noise and DC Drift
  • Provides Automatic Units Scaling and Readout on the Oscilloscope's Display
  • Remote Programmable GPIB Control for ATE systems
  • Split-Core Probe Head Construction Allows Easy Connection to Conductors
  • Easy to Degauss and Autozero
  • Setup Controls and Probe Status and Diagnostic Indicators are Provided on Both the Probe Hardware and via an Easy-to-Access Scope UI Display Menu


  • Power Supplies
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Power Inverters/Converters
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Industrial/Consumer Electronics
  • Motor Drives
  • Transportation Systems

The Tektronix TCP0150 is a high performance and easy-to-use 150 A AC/DC current probe designed for use and direct connection (without the need of an additional power supply) to the TekVPI™ probe interface used on Tektronix DPO4000, MSO4000 and DPO7000 Series oscilloscopes. This AC/DC current measurement probe provides 20 MHz of frequency bandwidth with selectable range control for 25 A and 150 A measurement ranges.

The TCP0150 also provides low current measurement capability and accuracy to current levels as low as 5 mA per division; important for achieving broad dynamic current range of high-level and low-level measurement signals.

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