TDS544A Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz
  • Channels: 4
  • Sample Rate: 1Gs/s
  • Record Length: 15 kPts
  • Width, 2-ns Glitch, Runt, State, and Pattern Triggering
  • 1-mV to 10-V/div Sensitivity
  • Infinite and Variable Persistence
  • 8-Bit Vertical Resolution Up to 12-Bit in Hi-Res Mode
  • 1% Vertical Accuracy
  • FFT, Integration, Differentiation (option 2F)
  • 25 Automatic Measurements
  • GPIB Programmable
  • 3.5-in. Floppy Disk Drive
  • CE Marking


  • Digital Design and Debug
  • Analog Design and Debug
  • Manufacture Testing
  • Research

The TDS544A Digital Oscilloscope is a full-featured, cost-effective, versatile oscilloscope which meets the measurement requirements for general-purpose research and design. Its industry-preferred graphical user interface makes it easy to learn and efficient to use. The TDS544A advanced trigger capability allows the user to trigger and view signals in a wide variety of simple as well as complex design and analysis settings. With four channels, 15 K points per channel record length, and powerful waveform acquisition modes, the TDS544A can satisfy most complex design, debug, and analysis requirements.

A full complement of graphical and digital output formats provides report generation and documentation of measurement results. These output formats are compatible with popular word-processor applications. Output interfaces include an integral floppy disk drive, GPIB, RS232C, and Centronics.

The most complete selection of active and passive probes facilitates measuring virtually any voltage or current waveform. Probe types include active and passive voltage probes, differential voltage probes for high and low voltages, and current probes. When used with the TDS544A, these probes automatically provide correct scaling and engineering unit readout for voltage, current, and power waveforms. You can tailor the TDS544A to your specific measurement environment by using the appropriate probes and accessories. This powerful combination makes the TDS544A the ideal instrument choice for low-power, medical electronics, biophysical, automotive, and general-purpose electronic design and development.

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More Information
Frequency500 MHz
Record Length15 kPts
Sampling Rate1 GS/s
13RS-232/Centronics Hardcopy Interface
1FFile System
1M50,000 Point Record Length
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