TLA7E2 Tektronix Logic Analyzer


Additional Features:

  • 4 Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope Module with 15 Kb Memory Depth
  • Up to 1 GHz Bandwidth Provides High-fidelity Signal Quality Measurements of Digital Signals
  • Up to 5 GS/s Sample Rate Provides High Resolution Analog Views of Digital Signals
  • Advanced Digital Oscilloscope Triggering Helps Find Elusive Analog Anomalies in Digital Signals


  • Bandwidth (at probe tips): 100 mV to 10 V range: 1 GHz; 50 mV to 99.8 mV range: 900 MHz; 20 mV to 49.8 mV range: 600 MHz
  • Memory Depth: 15,000 samples per channel in all modes
  • Number of Mainframe Slots Required: 2
  • Vertical System
  • Input Sensitivity Range: 10 mV to 100 V full scale.
  • Vertical Resolution: 8-Bit (256 levels).
  • DC Gain Accuracy: ±1.5% of full scale range.
  • Analog Bandwidth Selections: 20 MHz, 250 MHz, and Full.
  • Input Coupling: AC, DC or GND.
  • Input Impedance Selections: 1 MΩ in parallel with 10 pF, or 50 Ω
  • AC Coupled Lower Frequency Limit: ≤10 Hz when AC 1 MΩ coupled, ≤200 kHz when AC 50 Ω coupled
  • Maximum Input Voltage at Probe Connector: 300 VRMS, but no greater than ±420 Vp (1 MΩ or ground input coupling)

Acquisition System

  • Sample Rate Range: 200 ps to 200 ms in 1, 2.5, 5 sequence.
  • Timebase Accuracy: ±100 ppm over any interval ≥1 ms
  • Record Length Range: 512 to 15,000 samples per channel in all modes
  • Acquisition Modes: Single-shot, repetitive

Trigger System

  • Trigger Modes: Normal, auto
  • Trigger Position: Anywhere in the acquired record (pre-fill can be set anywhere from 0% to 100%)
  • Trigger Types: Edge, pulse width, timeout, glitch, runt, slew rate, logic pattern, setup-and-hold violation
  • Setup-and-hold Trigger: Triggers on violations of both setup time and hold time between clock and data which are on separate input channels; setup time settable from –100 ns to +100 ns in 200 ps increments; hold time settable from –1 ns to +102 ns; minimum settable window of setup time + hold time is 2 ns


  • Digital Hardware Verification and Debug
  • Monitor & Measure Digital Hardware Performance

The Tektronix TLA7E2 is a 4-Channel DSO module with a 1 GHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s sample rate, and 15 K memory depth.

The TLA700 Series offers a range of digitizing oscilloscope modules that provide the acquisition capabilities of the world’s best digitizing oscilloscopes, tightly integrated with the TLA700 logic analyzers. The 2 and 4 channel digitizing oscilloscope modules available in the TLA700 Series offer sample rates of up to 5 GS/s and bandwidths of up to 1 GHz, with 15 Kb memory depth per channel at all times.

The digitizing oscilloscope modules offer precise time correlation and flexible cross-triggering with other installed modules.

This enables you to see the quality of critical signals time-correlated with the digital signals represented by the logic analyzer modules.

These modules offer the triggering you expect from a Tektronix digital oscilloscope: Pulse Width, Runt, Glitch, Slew Rate, Logic Pattern, Setup-and-Hold Violation, Edge and Timeout.

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