TMDP0200 Tektronix Differential Probe

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Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz
  • Attenuation: 25X / 250X
  • Differential Voltage: 250X: ±750 V; 25X: ±75 V
  • Common Mode Voltage: ±750 V
  • Maximum Input Voltage-to-Earth: 550 V CAT I; 300 V CAT III
  • Rise Time: <1.8 ns
  • Slew Rate: <275 V/ns at 1/250 gain
  • Overrange Indicator
  • Safety Certified
  • Switchable Attenuation
  • Switchable Bandwidth Limit


  • Floating Measurements
  • Switching Power Supply Design
  • Motor Drive Design
  • Electronic Ballast Design
  • CRT Display Design
  • Power Converter Design and Service
  • Power Device Evaluation

The TMDP0200 is designed for medium-voltage applications with differential requirements up to ±750 V. These probes have lower attenuation ranges and offer better signal-to-noise ratio. The TMDP0200 probes are equipped with the TekVPI® interface which allows smart communication between the oscilloscope and probe.

Pushing the probe menu button will launch the probe control menu on the oscilloscope display providing access to all relevant probe settings and controls. These probes are designed to operate on TekVPI® oscilloscopes without requiring the TPA-BNC adapter.

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Frequency200 MHz
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