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V4 Vitrek HiPot

The V4 is a hipot from Vitrek.


  • Four-in-1 Electrical Safety Tester
  • Tests to UL, CSA, IEC & TUV specifications
  • 4 safety test functions in 1 compact, feature-rich instrument
  • Up to 5KVAC 40mA
  • Up to 6KVDC 10mA
  • Multi-mode IR 50-1000V up to 10,000MΩ
  • Ground Bond up to 42Amps RMS
  • Leakage current measurement down to 10μA
  • Fully programmable RS232 & HV scanner control port, optional GPIB interface
  • Selectable arc detection
  • Safety Fault Interrupt (SFI)™ circuit
  • CE mark certified EN61010
  • Test Database: 10 test sequences, up to 16 steps each with up to 6 steps per test sequence
  • Front Panel Lockout: Prevents database edit while in lockout mode
  • Arc Detect: 10 level trip select
  • Remote Interfaces: Fully interactive RS232, - PLC interface, scanner control port – all standard talk/listen GPIB interface - option GP-V4
  • Timer Accuracy: 0.25% ± 50mS
  • Power Source: AC100V, 120V, 220V, 230V (±10% 50/60Hz), 350W max

The new Vitrek V4 combines AC Hipot to 5KV, DC Hipot to 6KV, insulation resistance to 10 gigohms and high current ground bond measurement up to 40 amps – all in one compact, automated instrument.

The V4 delivers fast, consistent, reliable results – test after test. And it does all this from a single test connection with the touch of a button or with available QuickTest™ software – the stroke of a keyboard.

The V4’s crystal clear LCD user interface is remarkably easy to use, yet provides an abundance of information. Test results for a sequence of up to 16 tests can be viewed on a single screen. The V4’s Multi-mode IR™ capability, lets you choose the operating format for insulation resistance testing and with outputs available from 50 to 1000V – you’re sure to find the test voltage you need.

Whether you need a workhorse for everyday production line testing or an analytical unit for product safety engineering you’ll find that the multi-function V4 is loaded with all the features you need to get the job done right - powerful features, including programmable ramp and dwell times, automatic calibration, SFI™ safety fault interrupt, 160 position user memory, selectable arc detection, scanner control port, bi-directional RS232 and available GPIB interface. When you put it all together there is no comparison.

The V4 is the new undisputed champion of electrical safety testers.

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