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WAVEPRO 7200 LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope

The WAVEPRO 7200 is a 2 GHz, 4 Channel digital oscilloscope from LeCroy. Digital oscilloscopes make use of binary numbers that correspond to samples of the electronic equipment’s voltage. This is in contrast to analog oscilloscopes, which use continually varying voltages. Digital oscilloscopes use an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to convert the voltages it measures into digital information.

Additional Features:

  • Rise Time: 225 ps
  • 1 MΩ and 50 Ω Input Paths
  • X- Stream Powered Technology
  • Touch Screen and Front Panel User Interface
  • 10.4" SVGA Display
  • Zoom and Multi-Zoom Display
  • Automated Measurements with Histicons
  • Connectivity to USB, GPIB and 802.3xx
  • Jitter Analysis

The LeCroy WavePro 7200 unit comes with 1 M/channel memory, standard at 1 GHz, the entry-level WavePro 7000 unit provides accessibility to LeCroy’s X-Stream Technology at an exceptional price.

LeCroy has integrated its groundbreaking X-StreamTM Technology into the WavePro family and combined it with the most intuitive User Interface (UI) available. Such ability gives you greater confidence in the measurements you make. Confidence you can only achieve through fast oversampling of 10 GS/s on all channels, acquisition memory of up to 48 million points to  maintain fast sampling—even for long complex signals—and excellent jitter noise floor performance.

The WavePro 7000 series can conduct WaveShape Analysis 10–100 times faster than any other oscilloscope in its class. That makes them excellent tools for next-generation designs, such as datacom/telecom standards development, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, digital design and debugging, and advanced military designs.

Greater Signal Understanding

The WavePro 7000 series provides multiple options so you can better understand the signals in design. Just press Zoom to see expanded detail of the waveform. See graphical views like Histicons, Tracks, and Trends of how a measurement changes throughout the signal. Use 3-D Analog Persistence to get better views of jitter and then measure directly from the trace.

You can make faster more accurate more confident measurements with the WavePro 7000 Series through:

  • Excellent signal integrity from SiGe amplifiers and ADCs
  • GS/s single-shot sample rate on all channels (20 GS/s maximum) to capture signal details
  • Acquisition of up to 48 million data points to maintain high sampling rates and complex signals
  • Built-in 1 MΩ and 50 Ω selectable inputs
  • 2 ps jitter noise floor
  • Unique processing chain that gives you the ability to add customized measurements inside
  • Fast WaveShape Analysis

LeCroy’s proprietary X-Stream Technology is an extremely fast streaming architecture that eliminates the trade-offs between long record lengths and quick processing. The WavePro DSO, incorporating X-Stream Technology, can conduct WaveShape Analysis 10–100 times faster than any other oscilloscope in the 1 GHz – 3 GHz bandwidth class. That makes them excellent tools for next-generation designs, such as:

  • Datacom/telecom standards development
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 2.0
  • Advanced Military Designs
  • Much, much, more
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