WAVERUNNER 6100A LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 1 GHz
  • 4 Channels
  • Sample Rate: 5 GS/s, 10 GS/s interleaved
  • Record Length: 2 Mpts
  • All channels expandable to 12 Mpts
  • Up to 24 Mpts when interleaved
  • High sample rate captures high frequency transients and sharp edges
  • Very low residual jitter (2 ps typical)
  • Includes ultra-stable clock (±5 ppm)
More Information
Frequency1 GHz
Record Length2 MPts
Sampling Rate10 GS/s
DFP2Digital Filter Software Package
GPIBIEEE-488 GPIB Interface Upgrade
JTA2Jitter and Timing Analysis Software Package
VL12M/24M Acquisition Memory
XMATHAdvanced Math Software Package
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