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Spirent Consultronics XPS xDSL Production Line Simulator Spirent / Consultronics XPS/26-M24 Wireline Simulator

  • The XPS/26-M24 is perfect for production testing of xDSL modems
  • 26AWG unit and is a manual unit
  • Frequency range of DC-1.5MHz
  • Distances up to 23,500ft in 500ft increments
  • The XPS is adjustable in 500 foot lengths and can simulate up to 23,500 feet of cable
  • Simulates 26 AWG cable using passive components
  • The XPS offers up to 1.5 MHz of useable simulation bandwidth
  • Can withstand ring voltage and loop current
  • Control your unit manually or remotely via IEEE 488 and RS232C ports with a PC Bi-directional Ports 

The XPS can be used to simulate the characteristics of real cable and is offered in a convenient package; perfect for your production testing.

Adjustable in 500 ft lengths, the XPS offers a reach of up to 23,500 feet of 26 AWG cable. Simulation is achieved using passive components (L,R,C) which allow for signals to be passed in both directions simultaneously, just like real cable. Since the XPS can withstand 500 Volts differentially from tip to ring without breakdown and can continuously pass 100 mA, sealing current, ring voltage and loop current (line power) can be applied.

The front panel of the unit has push buttons for controlling the simulated cable length. Alternatively, the XPS can be controlled via IEEE 488 and RS 232C ports (rear panel mounted).

The XPS can be used to test a variety of local loop products such as ISDN U-interface devices, xDSL technologies such as ADSL, and other wireline modems and wireline drivers.


An excellent tool for reach testing. Perfect for testing local loop access products such as: ISDN U-interface devices, DLC, DSL, HDSL and DDS products and xDSL systems such as ADSL applications Small 1U height lowers your space budget in tight production systems Accuracy at the right price 


  • Cable Type: 26 AWG
  • Distance: 23,500 feet, in 500 foot increments
  • Frequency: DC to 1.5 MHz
  • Attenuation Accuracy: 0.5dB 6.5%
  • DC Characteristics: 100mA, 500V maximum DC
  • Control: Manual/Remote (Remote via IEEE 488 or RS232C)
  • Connections: 2 (one per terminal) 8 way RJ-45 connectors at the front
  • AC Power: Required for Remote Only ( Via AC Adapter )
  • Environmental: Operating Temperature: +10C to +40C
  • Storage Temperature: +10C to +40C
  • Humidity: 90% (non-condensing) max
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