ZD1500 Teledyne LeCroy Differential Probe

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  • LeCroy, Probe, Differential, Active, 1.5 GHz, 1.0 pF,  ±8 V    

Fully Integrated

With the ProBus interface, the ZD500, 1000, and 1500 becomes an integral part of the oscilloscope. All probe gain and offset controls are transparent to the user, making it easier to probe the circuit without concern for which gain setting to choose. When used with a LeCroy digital oscilloscope, no external power supply is required.

Wide Dynamic Range

The ZD500, 1000, 1500 probes provides transparent probe attenuation so signals are always optimized for the display. The differential range is 18 Vp-p with a differential offset of ±8 and common mode range of ±10 V, making this versatile for every probing application.

Wide Applications

The wide dynamic range of 16 Vp-p and offset range of ±8 suit this probe to a wide range of applications and signal types. The ZD differential probes are ideally suited for Automotive, Serial Data, power, and general purpose use. The differential input capacitance is only 1 pF to minimize loading distortion on the highest frequency signals under test. System noise of only 4 mVrms allows accurate measurement of the smallest signals.

A Variety of Probe Tips for Varied Tasks

Engineers often need to probe a variety of different test points in confined spaces. The extensive range of standard tip accessories for the ZD Series of probes ensures that this probe can meet any difficult probing challenge.

Innovative Probe Leads and Tips Provide Excellent Signal Performance Without Degradation

Probing with long leads or accessories is sometimes necessary to reach the test points, but it comes at the expense of reduced bandwidth, increased capacitance, and added noise. The ZD accessories are engineered to provide the best signal fidelity without ringing or distortions commonly introduced with tip accessories.

More Information
ManufacturerTeledyne LeCroy
Frequency1.5 GHz
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