Rigol DC Products - "A" Model - Temporary Price Reduction Extended

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DP811A DC Power Supply -  200 W, 20 V, 10 A $956 $765
DP821A DC Power Supply - 140 W, 8 V, 10 A $914 $731
DP831A DC Power Supply -160 W, 8 V, 5 $830 $664
DP832A DC Power Supply - 195 W, 30 V, 3 A $840 $672
DL3021A DC Power Supply -200 W, 150 V, 40 A $799 $639
DL3031A DC Power Supply -350 W, 150 V, 60 A $1,499 $1,199

DP800 Features:

Low ripple and noise: <350uVrms/3mVpp
Excellent linear regulation rate and load regulation rate
Fast transient response time: <50μs
Some channels are isolated
Standard OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions
Standard timing output
Built-in V,A,W measurements and waveform display
Independent control for each channel
Support more advanced functions: timer and delay output(standard), recorder/analyzer/monitor/trigger (standard in models with "A" and optional in other models)
3.5 inch TFT display
Various interfaces: USB Host&Device (standard), USB-GPIB (optional), LAN/RS232/Digital IO(standard in models with "A" and optional in other models)
3 year warranty, excluding accessories

DL3000 Features:

Dynamic mode: up to 30 kHz
Adjustable current rising speed: 0.001 A/μs to 5 A/μs
Min. readback resolution: 0.1 mV,0.1 mA
4.3-inch TFT LCD, capable of displaying multiple parameters and states simultaneously
Overvoltage/overcurrent/overpower/overtemperature/reverse voltage protection
4 static modes: CC, CV, CR, CP
3 dynamic modes: continuous, pulsed, toggled
List function supports editing as many as 512 steps
Battery test function, OCP test, OPP test, factory test function, etc.
Short-circuit test function
Power-off memory function
Built-in RS232/USB/LAN communication interface
USB-GPIB module (optional)

Effective 04/01/20 - 06/30/20 (Extended!)

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