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16520A Agilent Pattern Generator


The 16520A is a Pattern Generator from Agilent. A pattern signal generator, or pattern generator, is a type of electronic test equipment engineers use to detect and generate waveforms from a device. An engineer can program a central pattern generator to make a particular digital signal during a test. There are several channels, or outputs, to choose from on a pattern generator.

Additional Features:

  • 50MB/S Pattern Generator 12 NRZ
  • 3 RZ Channels
  • 4K Memory Depth
  • ECL, TTL, CMOS level outputs
The Agilent 16520A digital pattern generator module is the perfect tool for functional testing of your digital design. The pattern generator allows you to check the functional characteristics of your system. See how it responds to unanticipated signals or a speed change. Use standard connectors to connect to your DUT and avoid the need to design custom fixtures. Correlate data captured with other HP 16500 Series modules to verify correct operation. Use in automated test environments to pass or fail products quickly, using only one instrument. Save time normally spent developing custom test hardware used for stimulus.
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