Keysight 30% Off Smart Essential Series For Educators


Keysight is committed to supporting academia - providing students the opportunity to gain valuable experience using professional grade test instruments.  For a limited time, Keysight offers a 30% discount for university and college educators!


The Smart Bench Essentials is a complete lab test bench solutions.  With a 30-Watt triple-output power supply, single- or dual-channel 20 MHz function generators, a 5.5-digit digital multimeter, and a 50 MHz oscilloscope, the Smart Bench Essentials has everything needed for a basic electronic workbench.  



Four Test Instruments- One Connected Interface

Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series (SBE) harnesses the power of four unique test instruments through one powerful graphical interface with integrated data management and analysis.

          - Configure, control, and monitor multiple bench instruments from a single screen 

          - Automate workflows from test setup to report generation

          - Access lab instruments remotely with your peers, to test, analyze, and share 

          - Manage an entire lab through a single screen interface


Model Frequency Channels Voltage Power EDU Discount  List Price
EDU33211A 20 MHz 1 - - 30% $893
EDU33212A 20 MHz 2 - - 30% $1,109
EDU36311A - - 6 V 90W 30% $999
EDU34450A - - AC 750 V, DC 1KV - 30% $844
EDUX1052G 50 MHz 2 - - 30% $886
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