41945 Acterna Interface


Additional Features:

  • Perform full DS3 BER testing
  • Insert errors or BPVs at programmable rates or individually, so you can easily analyze the protection switching recovery time of your DS3 equipment and simulate transmission impairments
  • Multiple framing formats create an all-in-one test instrument for unframed, M13, or C-bit parity environments
  • Use one FIREBERD to transmit and decode FEAC bit sequences (including alarm conditions and loopbacks), and perform bit error analysis
  • Select three sources of signal timing: the FIREBERD's internal clock, your network, or an external clock

The Acterna 41945 interface complies with CB119, applicable sections of CCITT Recommendation G.703 for 44.736Mbps, and ANSI T1.102 T3 Data Interface Module. Requires revision H software or higher in the 6000A. Data in/out jacks are WECO 560A, clock connector is 75ohm BNC female. The 41945 gives the Fireberd 6000 and Fireberd 4000 Communications Analyzers the ability to test circuits and equipment operating at the DS3 rate of 44.736 Mb/s

The Acterna 41945 DS3 Module thoroughly tests your 45 Mb/s circuits and equipment and lets you troubleshoot difficult problems quickly. One Fireberd equipped with this module can analyze any T3 format. With frame, BPV, and parity results, you can monitor your network while it¿s up and running.

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