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6131C Agilent BiPolar Power Supply

The 6131C is a BiPolar Power Supply from Agilent. A bipolar power supply is a four-quadrant tool that operates in quadrants one, two, three, and four of the Cartesian coordinate system. This means it provides positive and negative voltages across its outp

Additional Features:

  • Load Regulation V/C:5 mV     
  • Other Features:10 mV     
  • Output 1,Volts/ Max. Current:+- 100 Vol - .5 Amps     
  • Type:DC - Single Out

The Agilent 6131C provides easy, fast and accurate programming of its DC output with many features oriented specifically towards efficient intrgration in automatic systems. All digital inputs are completely isolated from the analog outputs. The unit is rated at ±100 V @ 0.5 A.

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