6464C Agilent DC Power Supply


Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 0-8V
  • Current: 0-1000A
  • Power: 10000W
  • Constant voltage/constant current operation
  • Remote Programming: remote resistance, or a remote voltage source
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage
  • High-temperature protection thermostat opens input to power transformer and lights front panel indicator if supply overheats
  • Prolonged overload protection circuit is activated and lights front panel indicator if output current exceeds approximately 115% of maximum rating
  • Turn-on circuit limits peak line current during start-up into low impedance loads
  • Phase balanced circuit permits operation with line-to-line input voltage imbalance up to 8%
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage circuits of master slave supplies used in auto-series, -parallel, or -tracking operation can be interlocked

The Agilent HP 6464C is an SCR-regulated supply designed for medium to high-power applications requiring a fixed or variable DC source with moderate regulation and ripple. Large easy-to-read panel meters continuously monitor output voltage and current. Input and output power, remote sensing, remote programming, and auto-series, -parallel, and -tracking connections are made to bus bars and terminal blocks on the rear panel.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Current1 kA
Voltage8 V
Power10 kW
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