8136 HD JDSU Fiber Optic Equipment


Additional Features:

  • OTDR Long Distance Module
  • 42/40/40 dB 1310/1550/1625 nm
  • Field installable single slot plug-in module for the MTS/T-BERD platforms
  • Impressive speed and high performance testing (up to 128,000 acquisition points with 0.1 s real time sweep)
  • Shortest event dead zone of 1 m, highest dynamic range of 44 dB at 1550 nm
  • Automatic and advanced functions for maximum user flexibility
  • Complete fiber characterization solution combining chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, and spectral attenuation testing capability in the MTS/T-BERD platforms
  • Powerful report generation facilities using FiberTrace and FiberCable PC software

The optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is at the core of fiber optic characterization. Allowing measurements of fiber link attenuation, attenuation coefficient, reflection, splice/connector loss, and point of error, all as part of the fiber distance function.

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