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95236-1 EMCO Current Probe

The 95236-1 is a 100 MHz, 20 A current probe from EMCO.


  • Bulk current injection probes


The principal use of the bulk current injection probe is for inducing relatively large RF currents into the signal and power circuits of equipment under test for conducted susceptibility. A secondary application would be to use the same probe in a more familiar role as a sensor for measuring weak conducted RF currents.


  • Range: 10 kHz - 100 MHz
  • Apms: 20 
  • input power: 100 Watts

The ETS-Lindgren (EMCO) 95236-1 is Bulk Current Injection Probe the series is used to inject RF current into conductors and cables of electrical and electronic equipment undergoing susceptibility testing. Because of the high efficiency design, the injection probes can also be used as very sensitive sensors.

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