APF-5060 Com-Power EMI Equipment

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  • Magnetic Field Generator
  • Turnkey Solution for Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Testing per IEC 61000-4-8
  • 50/60 Hz Test Frequencies
  • 1 A/m to 100 A/m Continuous
  • Includes Variable-height Antenna Mounting Structure and EUT Stand
  • Three-Year Warranty

System Components

The system includes with the following items:

  • APF-5060 Magnetic Field Generator
  • APF-5060-11 1m x 1m Inductive Standard Coil
  • APF-5060-ANTPOS Antenna Positioner
  • APF-5060-COILSTND Antenna Stand with 1.5 meter boom
  • APF-5060-EUTSTND EUT Stand (Optional)
  • (2) 1-meter Output Cables for connection of the inductive coil to the generator output port
  • (2) Boom Clamps to be used as stoppers for antenna positioner

The APF-5060 Magnetic Field Generator, combined with the APF-5060-11 Inductive Coil, Antenna Positioner and EUT Stand provide a complete, turnkey test system for performing power frequency magnetic field immunity tests according to IEC 61000-4-8.

The generator features an intuitive, easy-to-use front panel interface with LCD display, through which the user is able to start, pause or stop the test, and set the parameters of the test.

Based on the set parameters, the generator automatically sets the appropriate current supplied to the inductive coil and performs the test.

The non-metallic antenna positioner allows for easy mounting, adjustment of height and orientation of the inductive loop coil (radiating antenna) without disturbing the field.

The non-metallic EUT stand is supported by a single, centrally located post, which allows the vertically oriented loop coil to encompass the EUT.

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