DDA120 LeCroy Data Analyzer

The DDA120 is a data analyzer from LeCroy. A data analyzer enables serial data analysis for digital hardware. These analyzers help engineers and others investigate all types of digital hardware, monitoring the equipment for things such as comparison and glitch detection, output timing, data stability, and the validity of output data transfers.

Additional Features:

  • 1 GHz Bandwidth
  • Up to 16 Mpts of Acquisition Memory
  • 64 Mbyte System RAM
  • 9" Color Display with 8 Traces
  • Drive Specific Triggers
  • Automatic PRML Channel Error Identification
  • PRML Data Channel Quality Analysis
  • Servo Bursts Analysis
  • User Selected or Defined Drive Filtering
  • IDEMA Standard Measurements (TAA, PW50, Overwrite, etc.)
  • Asymmetry Measurements
  • Drive Analysis Graphs


  • Bandwidth (-3 dB): @ 50 Ω: DC to 1 GHz (2 mV/div: DC to 200 MHz, 5 mV/div: DC to 600 MHz); @ 1 MΩ DC: DC to 500 MHz typical at PP005 probe tip; DC to 1 GHz at optional AP020 1 GHz FET probe tip.
  • Number of Channels: four
  • Number of Digitizers: four
  • Max. Sample Rate Window: 62.5 μs at 8 GS/s
  • Sensitivity: 2 mV/div to 1 V/div, 50 Ω, fully variable; 2 mV/div to 10 V/div, 1 MΩ, fully variable.
  • Offset Range: ±20 V across the whole sensitivity range when using the AP020/AP022 active probe.
  • 2.00 to 4.99 mV/div: ±400 mV
  • 5.00 to 99 mV/div: ±1 V
  • 0.1 to 1.0 V/div: ±10 V
  • 1.0 to 10 V/div: ±100 V (1 MΩ only)
  • Scale Factors: Wide range of probe attenuation factors available
  • DC Accuracy: ± (2% full-scale + 1% offset value) at gain ≥10 mV/div
  • Vertical Resolution: 8 bits
  • Bandwidth Limiter: 25 MHz and 200 MHz typical
  • Input Coupling: AC (>10 Hz typical), DC, GND
  • Input Impedance: 10 MΩ//11 pF (system capacitance using PP005); 50 Ω ±1%
  • Max. Input: 50 Ω: ±5 V DC (500 mW) or 5 V rms; 1 MΩ: 400 V max (DC + peak AC ≤10 kHz)

The LeCroy DDA-120 Disk Drive Analyzer is designed to meet the specific capture, view and analysis needs required by engineers and technicians performing disk drive analysis. The DDA family provides all the capabilities of LeCroy LC family of oscilloscopes enhanced with a rich set of disk drive specific capabilities defined in the language of drive engineers.

Included with the LeCroy Disk Drive Analyzers are PRML data channel analysis tools, servo wedges analysis tools, customized triggers for capture of disk drive signals, a rich set of drive-specific signal measurement parameters, and drive analysis graphs.

These allow you to rapidly evaluate the quality of your drive signals. Find signal errors and determine the causes of errors or of insufficient quality.

An intuitive user interface has been designed for easy access to the DDA disk drive capabilities. In addition, the instrument still retains nearly identical operation to LeCroy's popular LC oscilloscopes for when you are not taking advantage of the DDA family's drive specific capabilities.

The DDA-120 Disk Drive Analyzer is designed to save engineers valuable time in troubleshooting and problem solving.

The Disk Drive Analyzers are integrated and powerful systems providing the capability to:

  • Capture the key events with high resolution for longer timer intervals
  • View data like never before, giving you more information more quickly, with a large, color CRT and advanced display techniques
  • Analyze your signal to get answers quickly and more accurately with a powerful processing system and math packages

9" Color Display

The DDA-120 has a very large, sharp oscilloscope screen that is 50% larger in total viewing area than a 7" screen. Its powerful features include Analog Persistence, Color-Graded Persistence, Full Screen mode, Opaque or Transparent display, color association and personal color schemes. These provide the user with outstanding benefits that accelerate visual processing and effective communication of on-screen information.

High-Speed Acquisition

The design and debug of fast digital systems and the need to capture fast transient signal require high speed signal capture. The 8 GS/s sample rate, 1 GHz bandwidth and long memory of the DDA Series provide a flexible solution for capturing and viewing fast glitches and rise/fall times.

Large Sample Rate Window

Having a high sample rate in a data acquisition system is only the first step to preserving data integrity. The time window over which this sample rate is available is also of critical importance. Long acquisition memory maintains the instrument's highest sample rate for large time windows allowing the user to sample long signals with high horizontal resolution.

With 16 million points of acquisition memory, the maximum sample rate of these disk drive analyzers of 8 GS/s is maintained for a time window of 2 ms. This sample rate window enables the user to record long signals with high resolution.

Optimum Performance

SMARTMemory is a Total Memory Management system that dynamically allocates resources of microprocessor power, acquisition memory and processing RAM. The intelligent management provided by SMARTMemory guarantees optimal usage of the disk drive analyzer resources.

The PowerPC microprocessor at the heart of these DSOs drives the system to produce results fast, providing rapid waveform update and super panel responsiveness.

Quick Diagnoses

Capturing and viewing waveforms is fundamental to an oscilloscope. Productivity improvements are accessible by using built-in math functions to assist troubleshooting and diagnoses of circuit problems.

The signal analysis capability of the Disk Drive Analyzer is enhanced by advanced waveform math, spectrum analysis, and waveform parameter analysis. This analysis capability greatly increases the speed with which circuit problems are clearly identified and solved.

Analog Persistence

At a push of the green button the user can switch between an analog view and a digital view of signals on these oscilloscopes. The depth of signal information can be explored along the third dimension of the waveform display to give the user a complete picture of waveform activity.

Full Screen Grid

The LeCroy disk drive analyzer provides a display mode with an extra-large grid. In Full Screen mode, all of the screen area is used to display signals.

8-Trace Display

8-Trace display with any combination of math functions, zooms, reference memories or channels. Octal grid display in normal and Full Screen display modes, with and with-out parameters displayed.


Autoscroll displays the captured signal with a zoom expansion and automatically moves it across the screen. Scroll speed, starting point and pausing are freely selectable.

Easy Documentation

All waveform data and results of analysis can be quickly saved to floppy disk, memory card, ATA flash card, or a removable hard disk. This provides an efficient way to archive information and facilitates easy documentation of results.

An internal graphics printer outputs screen dumps in seconds providing the user with an immediate and clear record of signal activity.

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