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FM-2031 Nitrogen Heavy Duty Soldering System Kit

The Hakko FM-2031 Nitrogen Compatible Soldering Iron provides a higher mass tip with double the power of conventional T17 tips. This iron is ideal for soldering difficult-to-solder heavy ground planes and/or high heat sink applications.

• uses T22 tips (not included)

• compatible with the Hakko FM-203 soldering station and FM-206 rework system


  • KIT,FM2031-02 + FX791-01
  • FM2031-02 Heavy Duty N2 Soldering Iron Conversion Kit Preheating effect: The hot N2 gas is effective for preheating.
  • Preventing oxidation
  • Powerful thermal recovery: Can be used in combination with your existing high power soldering station, HAKKO FM-206.
  • Supports the N2 System: Can be used in combination with the HAKKO FX-780 and HAKKO FX-791 to create an N2 System.


  • Nitrogen Controller
  • FM-2031 Handpiece
  • Handpiece holder with Sleep function
  • Connecting cable  
  • Heat resistant pad
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Power140 W
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