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FX791-01 Hakko Soldering

The FX791-01 is a Nitrogen Controller in soldering from Hakko.
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FX791-01 Hakko Soldering

FX-791 Nitrogen Controller


The Hakko N2 soldering system is the ideal solution for all your LEAD-FREE hand-soldering applications. The bench-top nitrogen generator creates nitrogen gas from filtered, dry compressed air and the FX-791 Nitrogen Controller delivers it efficiently and uniformly to the nitrogen compatible soldering iron and soldering area.

NOTE: If you do NOT have nitrogen availability at your work station, the compact FX-780 Generator is the best bang for your buck


Compact FX-791 Nitrogen Controller

• controls the flow of nitrogen to the FM-2026 nitrogen iron with the FM-202 and FP-102 soldering  stations

• controls the flow level from 0.25 l/min to 2.5 l/min. (recommended level 0.5 - 1.5 l/min.) and should be adjusted to the tip shape

• ESD-safe

• Part Number: FX791-01

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