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GPIB-SCSI-A National Instruments Interface

The GPIB-SCSI-A is a interface from National Instruments.

Additional Features:

  • Application Software: LabVIEW, Measurement Studio
  • Built-in 256 KB RAM buffer
  • Double-buffered operation for simultaneous block transfers
  • High-performance GPIB controller for SCSI
  • NAT4882 ASIC provides maximum IEEE 488.2 performance

The GPIB-SCSI-A is an 8-bit microcomputer that operates as a full-function IEEE 488/SCSI Controller. It can turn any computer with a SCSI port into a GPIB Talker/Listener/Controller or can make any device on the SCSI bus look like a GPIB device.

The GPIB-SCSI-A has all the software and logic required to implement the physical and electrical specifications of the IEEE 488.2 and the ANSI X3T9.2 standards. It is able to interpret and execute commands that you send to it over the GPIB or SCSI ports and perform all necessary GPIB-to- SCSI protocol conversion.

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