PVP2150 Rigol Voltage Probe

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  • 300 V
  • 150 MHz
  • PVP2150: 1X/35MHz, 10X/150MHz, one/two Probes Kit
  • 10X or 1X Switchable
  • 10 pF to 25 pF Compensation Range
  • 1X: 1MΩ ±1% input resistance 50 pF ±20 pF input capacitance 150 VRMS CAT II max. rated input voltage
  • 10X: 10MΩ ±1% input resistance 10pF ±5pF input capacitance 300 VRMS CAT II max. rated input voltage
  • New Design in appearance brings you perfect user experience

Works with-

  • DS1
  • DS1Z
  • MSO1

The Rigol PVP2150 is a 150 MHz passive voltage probe with a 1x:10x selector. With a bandwidth of 35 MHz in 1x mode it replaces the RP2200.

More Information
Voltage300 V
Frequency150 MHz
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