T0050106399 Weller Soldering Tip

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T0050106399 Weller Soldering Tip

Weller RTU076SMS - RT Ultra Tip, Chisel 7.6mmx1.5mm, MIL-SPEC (T0050106399)

Weller RT Ultra tips are designed for heavy duty applications and work with large components. These are ideal for use with LED soldering, solar technology, large heat sinks and much more. RT Ultra tips are compatible with the WXUPMS handle and WX stations.


  • RTU 076 S MS TIP CHISEL 7.6X1.5
  • RT Ultra tip
  • Compatible with WXUPMS handle and WX station
  • RTU076SMS / Product number T0050106399
  • RT Ultra Tip, Chisel 7.6mmx1.5mm, MIL-SPEC
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