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V74 Vitrek HiPot

The V74 is a hipot from Vitrek.
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  • 5KVAC Electrical Safety tester with continuity

AC Hipot test

  • 10 to 5000V RMS, 50/60 Hz (2500V max on V76)
  • Accuracy: 1% of setting +5V, No load to full load
  • Resolution: 1V at all levels
  • Max load current: 20mArms

DC Hipot test

  • 20 to 5000V
  • Accuracy: 1% of setting+ 5V, No load to full load
  • Resolution: 1V at all levels
  • Max load current: 10mA

Insulation Resistance Test

  • Test Voltage
  • 20 to 5000VDC
  • Accuracy : 2.5% of setting +5V, No load to full load
  • Resolution : 1V at all levels
  • Max Charge Current: 5mA automatic
  • Max Capacitive Load: 2uF


  • Max IR: 450Gigohm (90M? per volt)
  • Min IR: 150K?
  • Accuracy : 2% (rdg <5% of max IR), 5%(< 15% of max IR), 10% (< 30% of max IR),
  • 20% (above 30% of max IR)
  • Max Resolution : 0.1% of value
  • Min/Max Limits : Defined for each step, max
  • may be set to none

Ground Bond

  • Test Current: 1 to 30Arms (42A peak), 50/60Hz
  • Accuracy : 2.5%+10mA
  • Resolution : settable to 0.01A at all levels
  • Compliance: > 4.5Vrms (6V pk) for all currents


  • Max Resistance: Up to compliance V limit at defined test current (4.5ohms max)
  • Min/Max Limits : Defined for each step, min may be set to none
  • Accuracy : 2.5%+3m? (<2A), 2m? (<6.5A), 1m? (otherwise)
  • Resolution : 0.1m? (>6.5A), 1m? (otherwise)

Low Resistance test

  • Range: 0ohm to 60Kohm
  • Accuracy: 1.5%+0.015? (<13?), 3%+1ohm(<1K?), 5%(<13K?)
  • Resolution: Down to 0.001?
  • Min test time: 60 mS
  • 4.3 in. Color Touch Display
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Internal Self Test Fully Exercises Output and Verifies Current Accuracy
  • 20mA max source current
  • Ground Bond 1-30A RMS (42 A peak), 100µ? Resolution
  • 100 nano-Amp Leakage Current Resolution
  • 2 Year Calibration Interval
  • USB 2.0, Serial/RS232, Digital I/O Interfaces
  • Continuously Variable Insulation Resistance 20-5000V, 450G? Max
  • Multi Mode IR with Steady/Rising Pass Mode
  • Test Memory Stores up to 999 Steps and 60 Test Sequences
  • 150μS Safety Shutdown
  • Meets UL, CSA, IEC Safety Tester Requirements, CE Safety Mark Certified to EN61010

The Vitrek V74 Hipot Tester with Continuity, 5 kV AC/DC/IR/GB offers an easy-to-use color touch user interface and an ultra-reliable, efficient, fan-free design. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology offers improved speed. The V74 includes USB, RS232, and Digital I/O interfaces. Test options for this model are AC Hipot, DC Hipot, IR, Ground Bond, and Low Resistance tests. Test completion triggers are End on Time: Determination on final reading, End on Pass: Test ends with PASS for any reading within limits, End on Fail: Test ends with FAIL for any reading outside limits, and End on Steady: Test ends with PASS for a steady/rising reading within limits.

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