WR3MN Weller Desoldering

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  • WR3M-Article number: WR3MN
  • 3-channel power unit, 360 W (400 W)
  • Digital Self-Contained Multi-Channel Rework Station - 120 V / 400 W
  • 3 Independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition
  • Simultaneous use of multiple tools (3) - 21 tool options possible
  • Self contained vacuum and air
  • Compatible with high speed micro tools WMRP and WMRT
  • Large, intuitive LCD display shows critical functions for 3 channels
  • PC connectivity and data logging software included
  • ESD safe


  • WR3M repair station
  • Adapter for HAP 200 hot-air pencil
  • WR 3M Operating Instructions
  • Safety information booklet
  • CD with USB software (“Firmware Updater” and “Monitor Software”)
  • USB cable
  • Packing with colored tool markers

The Weller WR 3M is a versatile Rework System for making professional repairs to current technology electronic assemblies in the industrial production and engineering sectors. The WR 3M has 3 independent channels for operating 3 tools simultaneously.

Fast and precise sensor sampling in the closed loop control provides temperature accuracy and maximum temperature control under load.

All tools are recognized automatically by the WR3M and the appropriate control parameters are set.

The desired temperature can be adjusted in the range of 150°F to 999°F for hot-air tools and the WSP150 Soldering Iron; 150°F to 850°F for all other soldering / desoldering tools. Set and Read values are displayed in digital form. Three Radio Buttons are used to select fixed / pre-set temperatures directly. The Heater Control Indicator ("a“ symbol in the display), along with a green LED above the port being monitored, flashes to indicate when the Set temperature has been reached.


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Power400 W