WX2021N Weller Soldering Station

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Weller WX2021N

Two channel soldering station

  •  Includes WXMPMS iron and WXMTMS tweezer
  • Can power one 200 watt, or two 120 watt tools simultaneously
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Compatible with WX tool

On screen menus are easily navigated through a capacitive touch screen. Made of real glass, the screen is anti-static, temperature resistant and simplifies station usage. A turn and click wheel with confirm button also allows for very intuitive and fast operation.

The WX series was designed for ease of use. Irons contain a visual indicator letting operators know when their tool is ready to use. If the handle's LED is blinking, the device is in standby or heating up. When the light is on, the tip is ready to use. In addition, WX tools contain a motion sensor, so that they only turn on when in use, and go into standby when placed in the stand.


  • WX2021 Soldering Station with WXMP pencil and WXMT tweezers, 120V
  • High Powered Dual Port Digital Power Unit, 120V / 240 W
  • Compatible with all WX series soldering pencils
  • Compatible with WXMT-MS desoldering tweezers
  • Capacitive glass touch screen is chemical and temperature resistant
  • Turn and click wheel with enter key and finger guide is intuitive to use
  • Multi-language menu navigation
  • Large graphic LCD display can be viewed from all angles
  • Versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems
  • Multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging

Standard Accessories:

  • WXMP-MS soldering iron with Weller 0054461699 RTMS Chisel Soldering Tip Cartridge
  • WDH51 tools stand
  • WXMT-MS tweezer with Weller 0054465799 RTWMS Series Mil-Spec Tweezers Tip Cartridge
  • WDH60 tool stand
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Power255 W
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